At first glance there seems to be very little value to pine sawdust, after all, it is just the result of wood being cut into manageable pieces. It is very small, cannot be moulded back into any useful shape without a lot of effort and is too tiny to be even used as kindling for longer than it takes to start a fire going, so what are its uses? Well, pine sawdust is starting to become one of the most popular bedding materials for animals both domestically and commercially. Here is why pine sawdust is better than many alternatives that you might find.

Soft Underfoot Even After a Fair Bit of Usage

Sawdust does not compact that quickly, so it can be used as bedding for many animals for quite some time before it needs to be replaced. It is very soft and soothing for hooves and paws of all sorts of different animals, from cows to hamsters and everything in between. While other domestic bedding options are thicker, sawdust's small size makes it ideal for the smaller animals so that they are more comfortable and can fall asleep easier, rather than struggling to get comfortable for hours on end. 

Very Absorbing

If sawdust has one property that makes it perfect for bedding it is that it absorbs moisture very well. For animals that might need to relieve themselves during the night, this allows them to do so without then having to sit in their own filth (although some choose to do so, that is unavoidable). It is also good because when animals come in from the rain and wet, pine sawdust acts as a towel, drying them and then falling off once they are no longer moist. If you have a lot of animals in a small enclosure, pine sawdust is the material you need to keep them comfortable and dry. 


There are a few synthetic options that you can pick out when it comes to animal bedding, but none do as good a job as something so simple as pine sawdust. Sure, they might advertise more major benefits, but when it comes down to it they cost more, are worse on the environment and the differences are so minimal as to not be noticed by the animal. Pine sawdust is cheap, readily available, good for the environment and best of all, animals respond very well to it.