If you have a new moving company and your team of removalists need some workwear, these tips should help you when you're choosing their uniforms.

Pick tops that are suitable for them to wear when they're lifting big items

It's important not to just pick generic t-shirts or tops for your removalists to wear. Instead, you must ensure that the ones you get are suitable for a person to wear when they're lifting the type of large items that your removalists will be expected to carry for your clients.

For example, any tops you get should have long sleeves and be made from tough material so that when the removalists have to hold boxes or furniture with sharp edges in their arms, the fabric will shield their skin and prevent the objects they're holding from cutting or grazing it. Tops like this will also offer some protection if the removalists scrape up against a wall whilst trying to lug large pieces of furniture up or down narrow staircases.

The tops you buy should not have any buttons on the torso or collar areas, as the clients' furniture that the removalists hold in their arms might get scratched by these buttons whilst they're holding it. Given that any accidental damage your employees do to your clients' belongings could mar your moving company's reputation, this is a very important point to take note of.

Make sure the tops have a large logo on them

It's also sensible to ensure that any logo you have printed on the workwear is large and easy for people to see. This is important because if your employees are observed taking items out of a property whilst wearing non-descript workwear that does not have any obvious branding that indicates which company they work for, the people in the area who see them might become suspicious and report them to the police because they suspect that they are burglars. This could not only distress your employees but could also result in them arriving at the client's new home with their belongings hours after the time they promised they would arrive. This, too, could harm your business.

If however, your employees are wearing tops that have a big, eye-catching logo, which clearly indicates the company that these people work for and which is big enough to be seen by anyone who goes within a few feet of them, incidents like this will be less likely to happen.

Reach out to a workwear supplier today for information about your uniform options.