As technology has advanced, so have the duties of a locksmith. No longer are they just the shop you would visit to get a new key cut or buy a padlock for your bike (although you still can do both of those things.) Today, they are often the first point of call for people who have home security needs. That means a locksmith's duties have expanded vastly from what their name might imply. and lots of people might not realise this and may ignore them as an outdated service. This couldn't be further from the truth, so here are a few locksmith services that make them very important in today's environment. 


Alarms are a very important component in any home or business's security system as they provide a warning to you while also scaring off a lot of would-be burglars. A major part of locksmith services is helping you choose an alarm that suits your needs and that is robust enough to do what is required. There are many different types of alarms, from motion-detected alarms, to glass-break detectors, and everything in between. If you are confused about which direction to go in with your alarm, then a locksmith service can point you in the right direction and order your items for you if they don't have them in store.

Safe Installation

Safes are still a popular way to store items securely in the home, but no longer is it just about money. Many people want to store personal files, photos, business documents and more in their safe, often simply to keep them away from prying eyes in their family rather than as a deterrent against thieves. Safe installation is not a simple task and requires expert locksmith services to ensure it is fastened securely into whatever position you want. Locksmiths also sell a lot of different safes, making them the one-stop shop for you if you are considering getting one.

CCTV Systems

Closed circuit television (CCTV for short) systems are a continuously popular choice for both home and commercial security. They allow you to capture everything moving around your home and give you a heads-up before anything has even gone wrong. That makes it one of the best preventative methods you can buy, but you need to know how to install it properly so that every angle is covered. A locksmith knows how to place CCTV cameras so that you can see everything around your home, and they can help you choose what features you might need such as motion detection, high definition, night vision and more.