In the past, farmers planted strawberries in the soil. However, advances in agriculture have made it possible for the plants to be grown using water as the primary medium as opposed to land. The main benefit that comes from the hydroponic growing of strawberries is that it is possible to get strawberries all year round.  The most crucial part of switching from soil to hydroponics is the water preparation and the planting of the runners. However, once the farm is up and running, it will be very easy to manage it and get high yields.

Getting the planting season right

If you want to get attractive yields from your strawberry farm, you have to get the runners when they are available in the garden supply stores. In many places, it is possible to get them any time of the year; however, most will have them towards the end of winter and early spring. The best planting method is cold stimulation where you put the runners in a fridge for up to twelve weeks before putting them in the hydroponic system. When you do the transplanting into the system, the plants will start flowering almost immediately.

Getting the right quality of starter runners

Most farmers make the mistake of getting runners from an outdoor strawberry garden and putting them in their hydroponic system. The practice might save you a few extra coins, but it introduces pathogens into the system and transfers soil-borne diseases into your new garden. Getting rid of the diseases after they have been introduced is an expensive affair which might include starting the farm from scratch.

Getting the right balance of chemicals in the water

Strawberries need nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus to survive. These are elements which are abundant in the soil. However, when the medium changes to water, you will have to add them directly to the water to ensure that the plants get all the nutrients they need. When the three nutrients are deficient, strawberries easily die. In addition to these chemicals, you need potassium to aid in photosynthesis, calcium and sulphur increase the yield.

Growing strawberries in a hydroponic system eliminate the need for pesticides and herbicides and fungicides. The end product will, therefore, be less harmful to humans than the soil-grown strawberries. You just need to ensure that you have followed the three guidelines to help you gain maximum yield from your farm. You can consult an expert in hydroponics to help you produce strawberries for sale.