If you own or run a road construction company, you will want to make the site as safe as possible for both your workers and the drivers on the road. This means that you will want to invest in a truck-mounted attenuator. However, different truck-mounted attenuators are suited for different applications. To help you find the best, here are some features you should look for.

The Type of Traffic

The type of traffic flow around your construction site will help you choose the best level of cushioning that the attenuator will provide in the event of an accident. The level of cushioning in turn depends on the size and depth of the attenuator. The rule of the thumb is that the longer and deeper an attenuator is, the more cushioning it will offer in case of an accident. Therefore, if the traffic around your construction site includes vehicles that are flowing at very high speeds, go for a longer and deeper attenuator to offer more cushioning or protection in case a vehicle slams into it at high speed. If you are working on a road that has many heavy-duty trucks, longer and deeper attenuators are also the ideal choice because such large and heavy vehicles will need more cushioning in case an accident occurs.

The Type of Warning Signs

Typically, truck-mounted attenuators will come with warning signs to alert the drivers on the roads of the need to move away from the road crew or the trucks. However, there's more useful information such as slowing down or moving away from certain obstacles that you may want to pass to the oncoming traffic. To do this, you will want a truck-mounted attenuator that will deliver more specific warnings to the drivers in the oncoming traffic. For this reason, consider investing in a truck-mounted attenuator that has programmable warning signs. Programmable warning signs can also be used in a wide range of areas, making it ideal if you conduct road construction activities in different areas.

The Height Hoist System

The height hoist system used on the truck-mounted attenuator is also another important thing to consider when buying one. The hoist system is usually an electric or hydraulic system used on the truck-mounted attenuators to help them move easily. If your construction project involves working on a wide range of surfaces, consider buying a truck-mounted attenuator with a variable hoist system. In addition, check for the compatibility of the truck-mounted attenuator with a wide range of variable hoist systems.